Hello world!

While I love travel programs, travel blogs and traveling, I’m often thinking “I WISH!” when I’m reading or watching. 22 months around the world…I have a job, for a reason, I also have bills. How do people do that?!?!

I want you to see the world. I don’t want you to admire my travels and wish you could be there, I don’t want you to read my stories and say “How did she afford…” I want you to want to see the world as badly as I do, and I want you to do it, like I (hopefully) eventually will. 2-3 weeks at a time and in a reasonable budget.

My very first vacation was to Norway. I was 12 years old, had never left the province of Alberta, and my Granddad flew us out for the visit. I had never been on a family road trip, and now I’m going on a 20 hour journey over the ocean with a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt to get to the country where my father was born.

I really don’t think I enjoyed it that much. I don’t think I let myself. I had it in my head that I was poor, travel was for rich people, and not to get a taste for it because I’d never leave Alberta again.

I was wrong about a couple of things. Travel isn’t just for rich people, if you do it right, you can have a great trip to just about anywhere that is at least a little affordable. I did leave Alberta again. When I was 22, I went back to Norway, and in the past 3 years, have had a hard time sitting still. After Norway was Mexico, Egypt, London, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paris, Rome, Sicily, Turkey and Greece. I also managed to see more of my own country;  Canada. Now, I can really appreciate traveling!


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