Norway. A Nice Place To Visit And My Friend Wants To Live There.

Trip cost $1990, 1 week

In 2008 my sisters and I went on our second trip to Norway, first time as adults. The tickets to get over there were pricey, but we had family to stay with so that was our only expense. We took with us 2 of my sisters closest friends DinDin and Kaylyn.

Our first stop was in Oslo, that’s where most planes will take you. I have an Uncle who lives in Oslo and he showed us some of the sights. I was lucky enough to see Frogner Park for a second time in my life.

The first time I had the privilege of walking through this unbelievable city of statues I was 12 years old and completely uncomfortable and offended by the nudity. Naked statues everywhere!

10 years later I have enough perspective to really appreciate this artists skill and dedication to his life’s work. The sheer amount of sculptures is impressive, not to mention the detail of expression these works of art posses.

Take a look at the angry boy

or this statue made popular by an internet meme.

The most impressive work in the park has to be the monolith.

After our all too brief time in Oslo, we went on a long and winding drive to Trondheim . While I appreciated my chance to see the country side, I couldn’t wait to get into bed.

Trondheim is absolutely picturesque. We spent much of our time visiting, but we did get to see a few sites. The Nidaros Cathedral being the main one.

I did a terrible job taking a picture of it, sorry!

What metal fan could go to Norway without asking about the church burnings of the 90’s? My first trip to Norway would have been in 1998, and the arsons would have been fresh in the minds of many Norwegians, I was 12 and didn’t know anything about metal then. When I returned in 2008, nobody really knew what I was talking about, but they did take me to a black metal exhibit at the Ringve music museum. It was…ok…

The rest of the museum is far more impressive. I’ve never seen so many unique instruments from around the world. It also contains Chopin’s death mask and casts of his hands.

We did get out to one of those famous fjords, but I can’t say we did much about it. Even though it was July, we were fully dressed. Perhaps in another 10 years I’ll appreciate a beach without beach weather.

Though it’s been 3 and a half years since our girls trip to Norway, we still talk about it often. Kaylyn, one of the girls with us, is moving to Oslo next week. I guess you could say we enjoyed it!


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