An Idiot Abroad

Karl Pilkington. Just thinking about him cracks me up. This loveable bald man has an interesting view on everything. He complains about the day to day, is confused by common sayings and loves (and believes) everything he hears about monkeys. He is the star of one of the greatest travel programs ever made, An Idiot Abroad.

The reason I love this show, is it’s unlike every other travel show. I love most travel programs, but it gets tiresome hearing about how fantastic it was to dip into an alley and sample the most unbelievable local cuisine, later to go on the most incredible hot air balloon ride over some tremendous site. While that sounds like a perfect day, even if I could afford some exclusive hot air balloon ride, I probably wouldn’t find it as outstanding/unbelievable/incredible/awesome/fantastic as the host would describe.

This program sends someone around the world who doesn’t think everything is great. He doesn’t try to use creative language to describe his experiences. He doesn’t do things normal people wouldn’t consider. He acts the way any stubborn, squeamish and tired person would act when presented with foreign and weird situations.

While Karl isn’t what I would call a normal human being, as far as travel shows go, he has the most normal experiences. Refusing to eat disgusting cuisine, complaining about weirdos, and being generally unimpressed with the seven wonders of the world. He says the strange and often rude things we’re all thinking, and gets away with it.

If you want a good laugh, and to see the downside of traveling, you should watch this show. You’ll never learn as much about strange toilets as you will watching An Idiot Abroad.


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